Emergency Disaster Relief

Make a difference. Help those in need.

We need your help to assist those impacted by natural disasters

When natural disasters strike, we respond by making sure people have access to water, sanitation, and hygiene supplies to help mitigate the damage to public health. When people are displaced or living in shelters, it is easier for germs and diseases to spread from person to person. After an emergency, we assess the need and work to respond quickly to provide relief to families in their hour of need. We are committed to providing ongoing supplies of hygiene items. As long as there is a need, we will stand ready to do everything we can to support those who have been affected.

Volunteer for emergency relief

Every time you volunteer you are helping Clean the World provide supplies to those in need during natural disasters.


Additional ways to help

Another way to help is by purchasing items from our Amazon Wishlist

These items can be purchased directly from our Hurricane Relief Amazon Wishlist, which will allow for shipping directly to our Clean the World Orlando Recycling Operations Center.

Please help by sharing with friends & family


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