Stories from the Field

Rollins College – Giving back to Orlando

On April 1st, Rollins College assembled 400 hygiene kits that were distributed through our local partner, SALT Outreach. SALT has a comprehensive approach to addressing homelessness in Orlando. Utilizing their mobile shower and clothing trailers, distributing meals, and offering haircuts and job training, individuals are able to start new lives.
“One homeless friend came to us and said he had a job interview, and he hadn’t been able to shower in close to a week. We provided the hygiene kit, gave him the other supplies, and he was able to take a shower. He then received clothes to be ready for the interview. Another homeless friend came to us that same day just to say hi. He said that it was because of the work we’re able to do that he now has a job. The hygiene kits help make this a reality.” – Eric Camarillo, President, SALT Outreach

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