Help people in need get a fresh start

The fresh start wash and wellness program

Maintain Hygiene and Give Dignity

Homelessness is not always a choice and reasons vary from individual to individual. Our program isn’t just about giving a shower, it’s about a basic human right to be clean.  It’s about giving back dignity and hope to our unhoused population. We feel something as basic as a shower can be a catalyst for change in the lives of those we serve.

Feeling clean and having confidence in oneself opens the doors for engagement and opportunities. Access to showers on a regular basis will improve the desire to seek out help that is offered in your community. Working together we can reach a similar goal of placing the unsheltered in permanent housing.

Clean the World’s Fresh Start WASH & Wellness Program combines mobile showers unitsWASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) education and Wellness (COVID-19 testing, HEP A / HEP C vaccinations, and illness prevention) services.

 As these services are provided, we connect individuals to other organizations that provide emergency shelter, food, clothing, medical care, detoxification services, and hygiene supplies.


A fresh start to your community

Fresh Start WASH and Wellness Program Exclusives

Our program is all inclusive, meaning we own and run all aspects of it for you.  There is no need to hire additional staff, purchase liability insurance, worry about scheduling, clean or maintaining the shower unit.  Our program is designed to integrate into your current system as an extension of services provided in your community.  We also help create public/private partnerships to offset program costs for you. 

choose your layout

Sample Fresh Start WASH and Wellness Shower Unit Layout

We offer many different shower unit layouts. These include four stall, three stall, and two stall options. Contact us for more details and find a shower unit that fits your needs and location.

choose your program schedule

Mobility of the Fresh Start WASH and Wellness Shower Unit:

Our Fresh Start WASH & Wellness shower units are self-contained, with no need for hook up to power or water supplies.  This enables us to drive to locations and offer showers to those who cannot/will not visit your area drop-in locations. We work with your team to plan out a strategic showering schedules to meet your community needs.  Keeping the same schedule each week, enables our team to build the trust and relationships that will help motivate this population into permanent housing.

Below is an example of our shower program days of the week service:

product features


Clean the World provides end-to-end management of your Fresh Start WASH & Wellness program including:

  • Author and direct turnkey program including design and deployment 
  • Purchase/lease truck to tow shower unit
  • Hiring & training of team members including payroll and benefits 
  • Partnership development and preparing/managing shower schedule
  • Maintenance and regular sanitizing and cleaning of shower unit
  • Procurement off all supplies 
  • Dumping, storage and laundry services daily 
  • Ongoing legal and business services 
  • Marketing and promotion 
  • Graphic design and photography 
  • HMIS case management and data entry
  • Much more…

The fresh start experience

Street Outreach and HMIS Data Collection

The nature of our program allows us to have face to face interaction with this vulnerable community and is considered as street outreach in the majority of HMIS systems.  Our team will be trained on your CoC HMIS to capture specific data that you assign for our program. We can use your local CoC HMIS, to act as a point of entry to provide referrals for transition to treatment, job placement, and housing services for this underserved community.

Below is an example of our shower program days of the week service:

  • Guest arrives at scheduled shower location
  • HMIS intake and added to shower queue line
  • When time to shower each guest is given a towel, washcloth, and hygiene kit (if available, we also handout socks, underwear, hand sanitizer or other items)
  • 20-minute timer set outside the shower stall and door is locked for privacy
  • Guests receive 10 minutes of running water to shower using a timer inside the unit (showers are installed with pull chains to conserve water, except in ADA stall)
  • 5 minutes left of time, we give courtesy knock and announce they have 5 minutes left
  • After shower we ask how they feel and what can we do to make their hygiene experience better

Current locations and schedules

Las Vegas Schedule

Monday: 8am – 2pm at  Care Complex, 200 Foremaster Ln, Las Vegas 89101 

9am – 3pm at Salvation Army Henderson, 830 E. Lake Mead Pkwy, Henderson 89015 

8am – 2pm at Foundation for Recovery, 4800 W. Alpine Pl, Unit 12, Las Vegas 89107 

 Tuesday: 8am – 2pm at UCF Foundation, 2048 N. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas 89030 

8am – 2pm at The Courtyard, 1401 N. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas 89101 

Rotating Locations:  

8am – 2pm (1st and 3rd Tuesday’s) at NHA Pop-Up – locations vary 

8am – 2pm (2nd and 4th Tuesday’s) at Fraternal Order of Eagles, 1601 E. Washington Ave, Las Vegas 89101  

 Thursday: 8am – 2pm at Community Impact Center, 3740 S. Royal Crest St, Las Vegas 89119 

8am – 2pm at Fraternal Order of Eagles, 1601 E. Washington Ave, Las Vegas 89101 

8am – 2pm at The Courtyard, 1401 N. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas 89101 

 Friday: 8am – 2pm at Legacy Counseling and Workforce Connection, 4170 S. Decatur Blvd, Unit D9-11, Las Vegas, 89103 

9am – 3pm at the LGBTQ Center, 401 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, 89101 

8am – 2pm at Care Complex, 200 Foremaster Ln, Las Vegas 89101 

Orlando Schedule

Monday: 10am  2pm at Kaleo Ministries1717 Harrell Road, Orlando, 3282 


Tuesday: 10am – 2pm at Christian Service Center, 300 W. Franklin St., Ocoee, 34761  


Wednesday: 10am  2pm at Salvation Army, 416 W. Colonial Dr., Orlando, 32824  


Thursday: 10am – 2pm at Christian Service Center, 300 W. Franklin St., Ocoee, 34761 


2nd Saturday Each Month3pm -6 pm at Orlando Baptist Church500 S. Semoran BlvdOrlando,32807 

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To learn more on how you can create a Fresh Start WASH & Wellness program in your area, please contact us!