Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

We believe that empowering women is one of the most important keys to sustainable development, and helping women become leaders and change agents in their local communities is at the core of our global work.  One of the signature ways to we advance this work is by providing microfinancing in the form of zero interest loans and grants to women in disadvantaged and impoverished communities around the world to help them start their own WASH-focused businesses.  In addition to seed funding, we also provide ongoing training on the skills needed to make their items, as well as successfully operate a small-scale business.  We also help them market themselves and their businesses, and become leaders in their communities, through ongoing personal development sessions. 

In recent years, we’ve helped hundreds of women launch businesses in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities across dozens of countries, and women are now leading businesses that make various WASH-items available in their communities, ranging from face masks and reusable menstrual pads, to handwashing stations and beyond.  This approach ensures the local communities we serve have ongoing, affordable, local sources of essential supplies, while also providing a sustainable, dignified source of livable wages for those who are most disadvantaged.  Perhaps most importantly, these communities now value the role of women as local leaders more than ever.  We’re excited to watch these entrepreneurs continue to thrive and effect positive change in the years to come!

A woman gets water at the local pump