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Clean the World Foundation’s Mobile Shower Units have been serving mobile showers to individuals experiencing homelessness all over the country. The Clean the World Foundation is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to provide critical hygiene supplies, services, and education in vulnerable communities in the United States and around the world. The Mobile Shower Unit contains fully equipped restrooms, can be set up anywhere, and provides hot showers and access to other wrap-around services to individuals who do not otherwise have easy access to hygiene services. 

Clean the World Foundation’s Mobile Showers have had a tremendous impact on the lives of countless homeless individuals across the country. By providing mobile showers to those in need, the Mobile Shower Unit has helped destigmatize homelessness and given many individuals a sense of hope and renewed self-esteem. The Mobile Shower Units have helped thousands of men, women, and children get clean and have a fresh start.

What are Mobile Showers?

To further improve public health and hygiene among those who lack adequate shelter, Clean the World’s Fresh Start WASH & Wellness will provide funding from donations and sponsorships to support the continued operation of mobile showers in Orange County, FL, and Clark County, NV. For mobile shower facilities, private shower rooms are installed in trailers specifically designed for this purpose, allowing the homeless to keep warm and take showers by themselves.

Who benefits from Mobile Showers?

The number of homeless people who are given mobile showers has increased dramatically. The benefits to these individuals include providing them with hygiene, bathing and other services that would otherwise be difficult or impossible without access for years at a time when others aren’t available during their lives.

Mobile Showers Served


The number of people experiencing homelessness who have been given a fresh start

FAQ About Mobile Showers

Fresh Start WASH & Wellness mobile shower, is an independent, self-sustained trailer that is equipped with four stalls, one of which is fully ADA-compliant and has a lift.  Each private stall has a sink, vanity, shower, and toilet.  The mobile shower trailer is 36 feet long and is towed by a pickup truck to the locations most needed and to people that are experiencing homelessnessWe can serve an average of 50 guests per day. The mobile shower has water tanks filled with fresh water each day, holding tanks for black and grey water which is dumped after each service, a generator for power, and propane tanks that warm the water for the showers.  Fresh Start WASH & Wellness mobile shower trailer brings shower services, hygiene supplies, wraparound services, and dignity to those that are unsheltered or do not have access to these services 

Fresh Start WASH & Wellness programs are supported by public and private sponsorships, as well as donors within the communities that we serve.  Often, we work with municipalities as part of their social services plan or homeless outreach and housing solutions.  Corporations and private partners may also sponsor the operational costs of the FSWW program.

But that is just part of how it works. The FSWW program applies Critical Time Intervention when working with our shower guests because we are mobile and placed where the need actual is. By providing consistency of service, we are able to gain the trust of those that are experiencing homelessness.  We help with continuity of care as we facilitate referrals to local social service providers to ensure that a person has long-term ties to their community and support systems during these critical periods.  We provide support and connect our shower guests to people and agencies that will assume the primary role of support. This has proven to significantly reduced the risk of recurrent homelessness following placement into housing.  

You can help bring a lot. https://cleantheworldfoundation.org/government-resources/

You can help support mobile showers in two ways, you can donate or you can become a sponsor of the Fresh Start WASH & Wellness Mobile Showers Program. Learn how you can get involved today!

Access to clean water, soap, and washing facilities reduces the risk of infection and illness in this unsheltered population.  It also reduced the spread of disease within the community at large. Since many unsheltered individuals are hesitant to access services from other providers, the FSWW units provide an opportunity to meet the WASH needs of underserved individuals where they can build relationships that lead to long-term assistance opportunities. In addition to daily showers, individuals experiencing homelessness will gain access to wraparound services at partner host sites including connection to mental health counseling or substance abuse assessments, food assistance, help getting identification, clean clothes, healthcare, job placement training, and housing assistance 

By supporting Clean the World and our Fresh Start WASH & Wellness program, through corporate or private sponsorship, you can help bring a mobile shower program to your community.   

Clean the World has 4 locations across the county where we are providing showers, giving out hygiene supplies, and connecting to supportive services.