Clean the World Europe has 20 tons of life-saving soap waiting to be recycled into 235,000 new bars for people in need, but we need your help.

Help us fight the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands and let’s turn this 20 tons of soap into 235,000 new bars of soap for the Amsterdam community!

  • 100 bars of soap to the local community = €25
  • 200 bars of soap to the local community = €50
  • 400 bars of soap to the local community = €100
  • 1,000 bars of soap to the local community = €250
  • 2,000 bars of soap to the local community = €500
  • 10,000 bars of soap to the local community = €2,500
  • 40,000 bars of soap to the local community = €10,000

Make a Difference. Get Involved.

Clean the World is a social enterprise whose mission is to save millions of lives around the world through the recycling and distribution of soap. Since 2009, Clean the World has distributed more than 53 million bars of soap to 12 million people across 127 countries. Now, because handwashing with soap is so effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, European countries, including the Netherlands, need our help more than ever.

Right now, we have 20 tons of soap in storage at our Clean the World facility in Amsterdam that is waiting to be recycled so it can be distributed. We simply need to raise enough money to cover the costs of recycling. Before the start of the virus, European hotels had provided Clean the World with financial support for the recycling of their used soap. However, due to the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry, the hotels have had to stop this support. Without funding, we cannot continue with our soap production and distribution.

Clean the World Foundation needs to raise funding to produce and deliver 235,000 bars of fresh recycled soap to people and institutions to fight COVID-19 in the Netherlands and other countries in the coming months. Join our fight against COVID-19 in the Netherlands and make a potentially life-saving donation today.

Account Name:  Stichting Clean the World Foundation
Bank Name:BUNQ B.V.
Bank Address:Naritaweg 131-133, 1043BS , Amsterdam.
Swift Code:BUNQNL2A
Account No.:NL48 BUNQ 2043 6850 23
IBANNL48 BUNQ 2043 6850 23
Reference:Stichting Clean the World Foundation
Address:Moezelhavenweg 9, 1043AM – Amsterdam-Nederland 
KvK Nummer: 74513982
KVK Number74513982

Any amount donated, large or small, will help clean hands and protect health! Please contact us with any questions.

Netherlands Donation Appeal

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Clean the World Foundation Europe is a trade name for Stichting Clean the World Foundation. All funds donated to this portal are directly paid to Stichting Clean the World Foundation, KvK 74513982, a Foundation registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. All donations are exclusively utilized to effectuate Stichting Clean the World Foundation’s stated mission and purpose on this website.

Stichting Clean the World Foundation is an independent Foundation and not a franchisee, subsidiary, or division of Clean the World Foundation, Inc, a Florida Not for Profit Corporation.