Supporting Refugees

Through our ongoing strategic partnerships with organizations like UNHCR (the UN refugee agency),  Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD), GlobalMedic, and others, we provide supplies of soap and family WASH kits to refugee camps around the world.

In 2019, we served over 1 million individuals in camps in some of the most urgent humanitarian crisis zones, including:

  • Syria
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Kenya
  • Yemen
  • Mexico

Supporting Indigenous Communities

Through our strategic partnership with Floating Doctors, Clean the World Foundation has provided necessary hygiene supplies to an ongoing program in Panama. This program supports the Ngobe-Bugle indigenous people who live in a small rural village dispersed across more than 10,000 square miles of jungle-covered mountains and mangrove mazes in Western Panama. The communities treated through this program have little access to healthcare, healthcare education, and clean water. They rarely have electricity or sanitation facilities.

Providing clinical and educational support to the communities, this program treated patients for a conjunctivitis epidemic, which spread throughout the region of Panama in 2017. Presenting the patients with soap and hygiene education, the spread of the disease successfully came to a halt in several communities. Additionally, through consistent hand washing education and soap distribution, the program has seen a decrease of diarrheal disease in elderly patients, and has also recorded is a decrease in impetigo, skin infections, and fungal infections. 

In 2019, over 5,000 people were served in this ongoing effort.

Story of Success in Panama

 “A few weeks ago, a 10 year old girl came to our site with a large dog bite on her leg. Often times these types of wounds are open. Because the risk of infection from dirty dog teeth is so high, especially with the humid environment in Panama. We decided to dress the wound, in an effort to reduce the risk of infection because of environmental effects. We gave the patient gauze and several bars of soap, instructing her to wash the wound. She came back two weeks later with a completely healed wound and no signs of infection”

Emergency Relief in the Bahamas

In the 2019 hurricane season, the Bahamas were struck by Hurricane Dennis, a devastating storm that displaced many from their homes. 

Working to provide fast, emergency relief support, Clean the World Foundation distributed over 150,000 bars in alignment with our strategic partner, Salvation Army of the Bahamas. Attached are some great photographs of the distribution to Salvation Army, The Grand Bahama Home & Day Care For the Aged, and Bahamas Children’s Home.

Strategic Partnerships - Children International

Over the last several years, Clean the World Foundation has worked closely with our great strategic partner, Children International. Our mission of Clean the World Foundation pairs well with that of Children International as both organizations work to improve the lives of vulnerable populations. And, through this great collaboration, the two organizations have worked to decrease the spread of hygiene-related illnesses every year.

Through this collaboration in 2019, Clean the World Foundation shipped over 480,000 bars to Lusaka, Zambia where the program served the Kanyama, Chibolya, and George compounds. In these regions, poor hygiene practices are a major problem in the communities, which results to outbreaks of diseases such as respiratory tract infections, diarrhea, worm infestations, and eye infections. Bacteria in these communities spread quickly through the entire populations and affect all members of the family. Poor hand washing in these areas is attributed to many causes such as, lack of adequate water points, clean running tap water in the communities, or access to proper hygiene supplies. Yet, through since this collaboration, Field Offices and Health Personnel have carried out health talks with focus on hygiene education and sanitation. Along with these vital health talks, Health Personnel have provided hand washing demonstrations, and hand washing promotion-campaigns that are matched with the access to our Clean the World bars of soap. The availability of the soap bars promotes good hygiene throughout these communities and even good hygiene practices at home.

How many people were served:

  • 15,295: Women
  • 14,229: Men
  • Infants 0-2 Years: 8,138
  • Children 3-11 years: 7,157

Success Story

Children International: “The distribution of CTW soap helps families in different ways. The benefits of the soap go beyond promoting hygiene and sanitation, Ms. Siasoko of Kanyama compounds says “Because of the soap my children received, we no longer have to spend money like we used to, sometimes the money we used to buy soap helps to meet other needs like buying sugar.” The soap has not only helped Ms. Siasoko’s family to maintain hygiene but has also enabled the family to divert some of their income from soap buying to buying the much needed extra food for the family.”

2019 update:

A new campaign that launched this year. This new program is called: Samba Minwe (it means: handwashing in native dialect) which is inspired by the received soap bars from Clean the World.  This campaign promotes good health practices and proper hand washing techniques among the sponsored population and communities.