Weekly WASH-in-Schools Visits

With Clean the World Foundation soap, World Water Relief (WWR) employees teach proper hand washing and hygiene practices to students and school staff.

Club Aqua Summer Program

Creation of Dominican student ambassadors who learn to teach proper WASH (water, sanitation & hygiene) practices to their peers throughout each new school year.

Sanitation Water Club (SWC)

A group of Haitian students chosen to assist World Water Relief (WWR) staff in teaching WASH to their fellow students and community members through school and community visits and events.

Community Hygiene Campaign

Formation of adult community groups, who represent WWR in each project community, not only supporting their children’s efforts to practice improved hygiene and sanitation, but also teaching their fellow community members the same.

Through strategic partnerships with organizations like World Water Relief, Clean the World Foundation is improving health through better hygiene and sanitation practices one generation at a time in ever increasing programs and populations throughout Haiti and the Dominican Republic!

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