“The ongoing WASH education led by Clean the World Foundation has helped our maternal health programs achieve a total elimination of deaths from diarrhea in the whole Machinga District of Malawi.”

Yuwen Chipatala —
Program Officer, Clinton Health Access Initiative

“It feels good to be able to shower without any restrictions. I can just clean myself and not think of anything else but taking a shower. I wish you guys can come here every day.”

Terry M. —
Mobile Hygiene User

“I never thought I would be in a situation like this but this is the best shower ever. I have privacy 20 minutes of peace. It feels like home.”

Jameel M. —
Mobile Hygiene User

“On August 27, 2017 Texas experienced the most horrific natural disaster in history... Hurricane Harvey. So many people were and still are displaced. Many lost EVERYTHING... Even family members. On behalf of Destined for Empowerment and our sister organization Katrina’s Heart of Gold, we would like to thank you for showing your love and support in our time of need. We received a total of 4,000 hygiene kits like promised and we are grateful. We have started our journey of helping our community and we have much more to do. Again, thank you Clean the World Foundation for all the support and donations you have given. Thank you!”

Katrina Brown —
Hurricane Harvey Victim

“Thank you and the foundation you represent. Clean the World Foundation's presence was felt by all the have received your hygiene kits. We had many stops at disaster areas with other first responders in Houston as you can see. Thanks to Clean the World Foundation for their generosity.”